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We Buy Your Car!

Do you have an extra car that you are thinking of selling? Maybe it is a junker that doesn't run or maybe it is a great car, you just no longer need it? It does not matter what type of car you have or what shape it is in, just give us a call. None of these things matter to us, we buy any type of car, truck or SUV. We will come to you cash in hand and take away your car, it is as simple as that.

Selling a car on your own is a time consuming, frustrating process. A process that most people do not want to do more than once. Imagine not having to deal with the stress that comes with selling your vehicle. Working with us will help this, because one huge benefit of working with us is that we will come to your home or office, pay you for your car and haul it away. When you work with us, you have no ads to post, no phone calls to field and best of all, no hassling or negotiating with potential buyers. For anyone that has ever sold a car by using classified or online ads, you have most likely dealt with "tire-kickers" or people who simply have no intention of buying your car (you know the ones, they are really just curious to look at it). You will not find yourself in this position when you give us a call. .Plus, with us, you know exactly what you are getting. We are a well established and reputable company located in Newark, New Jersey and we are very familiar, comfortable and knowledgeable with the area and the current market values of all types of vehicles. You will not find that with private party sales.

So give us a call today and let us take the hassle out of selling your car. We do all of the work! So sit back and prepare to have a smooth experience. We want this to be a great experience for you and look forward to working with you.